Projects of participants

During the School, the competition of the participants' innovative team projects will take place. It will be supervised by mentors from Lviv IT companies. The result of the project should be an innovative idea, the implementation of which in the future will have some commercial, educational, or social significance.

How to register

To participate in the competition, until 15:00 on Friday, June 28, 2024, the registered participants must do the following:
1) independently form groups (the most suitable number of members is 5);
2) choose the team lead, who will communicate with the organizing committee;
3) choose the subject of the project;
4) register the team and the project on the site

Final project presentation

1) The competition will start on Friday (July 5) at 15:40 online in the Moodle system.
2) Each team will have up to 10 minutes (up to 5 minutes to speak and up to 5 minutes to answer the jury's questions) to present their results.
3) A mandatory element of project presentation is the presentation file itself (pdf, ppt, etc.), which then will be available on the School website. In this file, the following information should be provided:
• title and description of the project;
• team members and mentor;
• relevance of the project topic;
• analysis of the similar apps or products on the market;
• social significance or commercial value of the project;
• prospects for continuing work on the project after School.
4) In addition to the main presentation file, the team can use auxiliary files/tools, etc.
5) To save time and avoid technical problems with the presentation of the projects, the team leader must send the presentation file of his project to an organizing committee by 10:00 AM on Friday (July 5).
6) Each team member must participate in the presentation of the results of their work, indicating his responsibilities in the team. However, all materials will be presented only from the team leader's account.
7) Each mentor must describe his team, in particular, paying attention to the following:
• part of the project which was completed DURING THE SCHOOL (please, indicate the part of the project before the mentor joined it);
• teamwork quality;
• achievement of the goal set by the team.
8) If the mentor isn't able to connect to the final presentation, he/she must send his review to the organizing committee.

For all questions regarding participation in the project competition, please contact Oleh Buhrii